ELISA Tips-Washing

  • Follow procedure for preparation of wash buffer.
  • Check washer alignment daily as part of routine instrument start-up procedures.
  • Ensure that the plate is leveled.
  • Make certain will is completely filled, when washing, to ensure residual conjugate is removed.
  • Examine the fill volume ( a slight dome should be observed at the top of the well).
  • When washing do not allow wells to overflow.
  • Reduce pressure in wash system.
  • Check washers before use to determine they are working properly. Perform routine maintenance.
  • Be certain to wash the specified number of times.
  • Allow approximately 20 seconds soak-time between the addition of wash solution and subsequent aspiration (if soak-time is not indicated in the assay pack insert).
  • Examine the wells for complete aspiration of contents.
  • Upon completion of wash cycle, blot to remove residual fluid.


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