Cancer (ELISA Antibody)

The cancer, which is a kind of severe clinical disease and induced by malignant tumor, has been one of the major human killers. Malignant tumor is composed of gene-mutated cells which can infinitely proliferate and spread via lymphatic and blood cycles.

Cancer types are generally divided by tissue names of tumor origin and cell type. Carcinoma, means cancers which develop from epithelial cells and thus include breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and pancreas cancer etc. Sarcoma, stands for cancers which arise from connective tissues. Lymphoma and leukemia are formed in hematopietic cells. Germ cell tumors are cancers which are derived from pluripotent cells. Blastoma refers to the cancer which occurs in immature “precursor” cells or embryonic tissues.

Cancer symptoms: 1. Local symptoms are mostly induced by mass of tumor and its ulceration with which local bleeding and pain might occur. 2. Systemic symptoms, such as weight loss, fever, being tired, skin changes, are indirect effects of the cancers which are not related to direct or metastatic spread. 3. Metastasis: symptoms of metastasis are due to transference of certain cancers to other parts of the body.

Cancer treatment: 1. Surgery: the central therapy in cancer treatments. It refers to a direct removal of the tumor mass, with lymph nodes in some cases. 2. Chemotherapy: a complementary method to the surgery, effective but harmful to normal tissues of the body. 3. Radiation: another complementary cancer treatment to either cure or improve the symptoms of cancers.

Causes of cancer: environmental factors such as tobacco, obesity, infections and radiation etc. or genetic factors.

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